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Zapkt is an inactive French highscorer, who as of 23 March 2014, has 125 top-20 scores (ranked 19th), and whose last registered score submission was in December 2011, and latest forum post was in January 2012. He is probably best known for the large amount of top-20 scores that he once held, having held 570 highscores at his peak, and topping the total highscores list for a lengthy period of time. In early 2007, he gradually slowed his highscoring activity to a trickle. During June 2010, zapkt lost his last remaining 0th to vankusss on 13-0. Zapkt was ranked 7th on ska's list of most influential N players of all time. He also came back for a brief period of time to compete in Season 4 of Blur.

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