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Twistkill is a popular member of the Metanet Forums and NUMA. Despite praises and appreciation from other forumers for his good deeds and charity around the forum, Twistkill constantly puts himself down for reasons unknown. You'll see Twistkill's name somewhere in N Help and it's subforums. He is knowledgeable in many aspects of N Troubleshooting; From simple Ned glitches to .sol files and memory usage, he's got it covered.

Twistkill is also known for his constant references to Soldat and God of War 2, his 2 all-time favorite games.

Twistkill has made several maps, all of which are Action. They can be found here. The main reason for his relatively low popularity on NUMA is his aesthetics. The positive aspects of his maps are the praise they receive for being a style that is similar to levels put in N by Mare and Raigan, the creators of N. Although Twistkill himself doesn't think these praises are very accurate or even deserved, he decides to accept them as compliments.

In the new forums, Twistkill has become a global moderator.

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