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Teleports or teleporters are a map making technique that allows the ninja to instantly travel between different parts of a level by means of an extremely high powered launchpad. This is done by manually editing the text file of the level. As a result the launchpad propels it at such a speed that it travels considerable distance in a single frame. Between these frames it can bypass a solid object, including tileset walls. In order to stop ninja at its destination, a second launchpad must be used to cancel out its velocity. The second does not need to be modified, and it can point in any direction, regardless of where the ninja is traveling. The ninja must not reach its destination in just one frame, as it would not respond to the second launchpad. Instead it must use two or more frames. The ninja cannot touch the tileset walls during the interim frames, or it will die.

The theory behind teleports Edit

A launchpad is automatically given x and y values that dictate the direction it launches the ninja. A right-pointing launchpad has an x value of 1 and a y value of 0. Likewise a left-pointing launchpad has an x value of -1. Downward-pointing launchpads have y value of 1, whilst upward-pointing launchpads have a y value of -1 - both of these have x values of 0. It is worth mentioning that diagonal launchpads have values of roughly 0.7 or -0.7 in either direction. Each combination of these values yields a different direction.

The values above are automatically applied by Ned. However a player can edit these values to change the propulsion power. If a launchpad with a y value of -1 causes the ninja to briefly touch the ceiling and hover, then a value of -2 would make it smash into the ceiling and die. A value of -5 would make the ninja travel through the ceiling, and may not harm it in the process. If the launchpad is directly above/below/sideways from the destination then, of course, only one value needs to be used. In many cases it is necessary to use both values, which must be carefully adjusted to place the ninja on the destination launchpad in a small number of frames. Typically the values used are in two digits, and the x value must be greater than the y value to yield the same effect.

Examples Edit

  • Ex by mrgy05
  • TDDA by puregenga

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