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SuperstardomX_(sometimes referred to as SSX_) is an author and reviewer on NUMA. Joining in late 2007, his style of mapping is considered all rounded; gathering influence from all styles and types of maps from fellow map makers. He has often admired the maps of Shortshift, Guitar_Hero_Matt, da_man 894, _destiny^-, wulfgang, Rocket_Thumped, Yahoozy, SkyRay, Cerberus[] and more. As a reviewer, SSX_ prefers to feature maps of authors who are not in the 'canon' of NUMA map makers, rather authors who show great potential in their early maps. SSX_ rarely posts maps as often thesedays, however he has maintained a constant flow of reviews throughout the months.

Other facts about SSX_:

  • His username 'SuperstardomX_' was chosen at random when joining NUMA.
  • He admires Shakespeare (As he has a quote of Richard III on his NUMA profile) and says the Zelda series on Nintendo 64 changed his life.
  • SSX_ has left NUMA a number of times due to his controversial arguements that the nature of opinion on the highly regarded map makers was 'naturally' bias, thus not allowing up-and-coming authors the feedback they need to develop as map makers.

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