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Snuggletummy is a good person, even though he ... uh ... how to put this ... he is completly loco. He loves to play Multiplayer games and, sadly, can now play N as his computer is 1337.

He also goes by Sgt. Poptarts, ST, Snuggles, RetroTummy (rarely), Icydragon5, ChaosWolf and Xenorax.

His to kill list is now gone.

On a side note, he is currently listening to Radio Free tetris.

Update: It seems our one and only Snuggletummy bought Luminaflare the id super pack which contains 20 id games.

As a side note, he now has a freeware game topic on the new Metanet forum.[topic]

He's also playing a new game called Subvein

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