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Shark (known as sharc on NUMA) is more or less a regular member of the forums. He has been playing N for over 2 years and has beaten it. Shark has no highscores but is a decent mapmaker who recently retired. He submitted his first map, a copy of a lord_day map, as part of a contest in 2006.

Some of his works are "Winter's Heart"[1], "The Eye of the World"[2], "Cut Your Losses and Move On"[3], "Studded Goblet"[4] and his only DDA is "Chainmail Froglegs"[5]. Shark's most recently submitted map is "Dusk"[6].

He lead the Deck o' Cards Map Series[7], a compilation of 54 maps of various genres. Shark managed a number of contests, including 1337 vs. Mob[8] and Round-Based Tileset Tourney[9]. He was involved in The Weekly Gangwar[10] and started up the [Bracket][11] tournament in 2009 before disbanding it due to personal issues.


  1. "Winter's Heart"
  2. "The Eye of the World"
  3. "Cut Your Losses and Move On"
  4. "Studded Goblet"
  5. "Chainmail Froglegs"
  6. "Dusk"
  7. Deck o' Cards Map Series
  8. 1337 vs. Mob
  9. Round-Based Tileset Tourney
  10. The Weekly Gangwar
  11. [Bracket]

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