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Red Reamer is also known as Kashkin and was formerly known as Shgoaghoiag. He is often in the N IRC, and recently became an operator. Recently, he has become a moderator on the Metanet Forums. He has a rather sexy webspace, here. He also creates comics, which can be found here, called Beneath the Floor. It has been found that Red Reamer was 'in on' the Pony Parade secret of July 19th.

Now semi-retired as a mapmaker, Red Reamer's maps can be found here. His most successful map was arguably Like Cocaine, which was at one point a top rated map; though some have criticized it as un-Red-Reamerish in style. Also noteworthy are the maps Lucy's in a pie with spices, Chutes too narrow (which uses a tileset made by Formica), and Scarab. His own favorites include Leave Pass II, Jenga, and the unsuccessful pair Unhealed and Alone and Swift Wings & No Regrets, which share a similar style. He is also the creator of his own Simple Challenge Series, and the Impossible Challenge Series, both of which enjoyed limited success.

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