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Ravenclaw made his debut in late October, 2005. He joined the Metanet Forums January 31, 2006, and goes by the name "RAVENCLAW99". The only relevant thing he ever did on NUMA was that he had the highest rated map(#1 on the whole site) for about two hours (Training Arena). When he was new to N he found it amusing for the first 8 months, but then got bored of it. The fact that he sucks at N didn't help either. He has recently stated "I'm not posting anything relavent in the forums until Robotology is released!" no suprise there. He currently posts in messageboard games and off-topic while chatting in #n.

Unlike other users, his WikiPage is actually interesting. :)

Update: Sometime in Early August, 2007 his name on the forums was changed by Kablizzy to "BAYYYYKINCLAW99" in exchange for a custom title('I've Got Sunshine In A Bag').

Update: An unidentified Admin changed his username to "Ravenclaw"

Update: Kablizzy changed the custom title to 'I've Got Skooma In A Bag'

Update: He has a semi-popular channel on the IRC network called #whatever .

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