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Ratings in the N community refer to the ratings users give each other to compare their maps on NUMA. Represented by ninja images, maps can receive anything from 0 ninjas to 5 ninjas in whole numbered increments (formerly half). Users are not allowed to vote on their own maps, though sometimes few abuse the ratings system to make their maps look good to others.

  • 0s are generally given to maps that are plagiarized from other users, or perhaps shows no thought process or effort put in whatsoever. They are also given out by jealous users in an effort to decrease a map's popularity. (See sniping.)
  • 1s are given to maps that just are not good in quality but have some effort shown by the mapmaker.
  • 2s are given to maps that are not of great quality, but show some potential.
  • 3s are given to maps that are overall good in quantity, though not perfect.
  • 4s are given to very high quality maps, maps that are worthy of playing more than once.
  • 5s are given only to the most superb of maps. Sometimes users exaggerate their ratings in order to increase the popularity of a map by giving a 5 rating, or to balance out a sniping attack on a map.

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