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Also called The Pizza Parade. Not to be confused with the Man United 2-0 Arsenal pizza scandal in 2004.

It all started on the 7-or-somethingth of August 2011; Blizz (using his real username) and blue_tetris (under some other username, silvermask67 or something, I can't remember) got on IRC and announced a deal that would last until the end of the month, wherein if a user sent a pizza to Blizz and Dave, and provided their address, they would receive two pizzas in return; and if a user sent two pizzas, they would receive five in return.

After about five minutes they hadn't received any pizzas so they collectively decided to disable the Metanet Forums completely until they received one pizza. About an hour later a pizza sent from Jiggerjaw arrived, followed shortly by one from mintnut, and they reactivated the forums. Dave posted a forum topic entitled "Our Pizza Goal" in which he claimed that they "needed" 12 pizzas, while being vague about the reason. They also changed all the forum names to pizza toppings like pepperoni and anchovies and mozzarella.

On the 8th of August, Slappy got jealous that people were sending pizzas to those two and not to him, so he took down the ninjarobotyeti forums completely and replaced them with a page that said "GIVE ME PIZZA AND GET YOUR FORUMS BACK". It was known that IRC went down at the same time too. In response Blizz, believing that Slappy was responsible for IRC being down too, thought that this was going too far and reopened the old forums to let people post, creating this thread in the process.

Early on the 10th, the forums and IRC went back up after Slappy got his pizza and he admitted that the closing down of the forums was him but claimed that the IRC had nothing to do with him, seeing as he's only an admin on #n and not an owner/founder. The stupid pizza-related forum names stuck. As an apology for the incident Slappy announced that InsomNicon 2011 - which he called "PIZZAMNICON" - would be taking place that Friday. It didn't. Slappy left the forums immediately and has not been seen anywhere on metanet since.

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