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Patrick is a boy living in Georgia, USA. He spends a lot of time on IRC, usually messing around or entering deeper discussion. Patrick goes by the same name on the forums and Wind on NUMA. He stopped making maps in February of 2005, but recently began to make more maps in October, with a general average rating of 4. He occasionally comments on other maps. Patrick found N during August of 2004, made some maps, and joined the community on September 19, 2004. He also introduced the player Xairu (formerly Gohan), a friend of his for over 2 years, to N and the community. Together, Xairu and Patrick have created a site known as "BAM" (Blobs and More) and has offered to be of help to the community, thus both have the custom member title of "BaM Associate" on the Metanet Forums. Patrick is the web developer, skillful in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, while Xairu creates graphics, praised highly by other community members.

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