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Ors II

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Ors_II, or often called Ors, is a 15 year old Finnish mapper. He first started mapping in September, 2012. He is also a good speedrunner. His objectives are to get an NReality map featured, publish 200 maps and beat all 200 episodes of NReality. He also has a YouTube channel: Ors2011, where he uploads N videos.


He came in the mapping scene in September, 2012. He started off with race and adventure maps. Since August 2013, he is more into NReality maps and has created really good ones too. He has one featured map: Octomania

He also devised a code which could help in high-definition N-art creation. Link: N-Artist v1.0

He has also made two map-packs:

This Is The Only Map

This Is The Only Map 2


He mainly submits runs on NUMA maps. He has submitted runs on 497 levels and has 95 0ths.

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