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Ngaged joined the N community in July of 2005. He was an above average N player, but he still had much to learn about the game. He started with NUMA, and submitted a few maps that he was rather proud of. When he saw the works of other legendary authors, he was fascinated and wanted to learn about these "N Masters". When he joined the Metanet Forums, he discovered many great people that shared the same love for the game of N. He got to know the community fairly well, made some friends, and actually matured through his preteen stage while in the virtual presence of his fellow N fans.

As time passed, Ngaged's mapmaking skills improved greatly. At times, his maps were featured on the Top Rated lists of NUMA, though only for a short period of time. In his earlier days, he had gotten inspiration from a very helpful player named maximo. With the support with him and many other players, Ngaged studied the techniques of mapmaking and created good maps for the community. He also made appearances on the highscore charts, at times claiming the top highscore spots for a few levels.

During the summer of 2006, Ngaged attempted to create a level pack similar to that of The Legacy with the help of a few fellow mapmakers. Due to a lack of communication and a lack of time, the project was canceled a mere few days before the release. The pack was to be named Summer's End, as a tribute to the final days of summer. A few of the maps by the other authors can be found on NUMA.

Nowadays, Ngaged floats in and out of the N community. His maps (whenever he gets to make them) are now inspired by the classic-style of the levels in the game. Due to a barrage of snipers, his NUMA ranking is much lower than it ever has been in his career. He admitted this as a partial reason to his absences from the community when he first left, but now he leaves those feelings of confusion behind and looks at a different side of mapmaking, a more fun and enjoyable side..

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