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A beta of N 2.0 was released on 1 January 2013 and was first completed by ska less than 8 hours after release.

The beta receieved mixed feedback from players, with the main criticisms being that it was too easy, recycled a lot of 1.4 levels and several highscorers were critical of the ease in which a lot of the maps could be potentially maxed out. The original beta also contained a lot of glitches and featured only Metanet created levels. The beta also demonstrated the ability of a 2 player mode and the timing system was in an arcade style, which Mare and Raigan admitted was an accident; it was eventually reverted to the standard timing system as featured in 1.4 for the official release.

The engine itself was rewritten from scratch compared to 1.4, and fixed a lot of the old glitches contained in previous versions, such as various one way platform glitches, slope stuttering and bounceblock glitches, but also inadvertently introduced several new ones which were addressed before the official N 2.0 release.

A blog post regarding the beta can be found here. The actual playable beta was located here before it was superseded by the official release.

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