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The NUMA tag system is a labeling system for maps submitted to NUMA. All information about the submitted map (other than the map data and thumbnail) is converted to into tag form upon submission. While certain tags are automatically created (i.e. author tags and rated/unrated tags), others can be specified by the user. This includes the title tag (to which "title:" will be automatically added) and any other tags the user would like to add. When tags were first introduced, there was no limit to how many tags a map could have. This was later changed to the current max of 5 tags per map. Under the current system, a user cannot edit a map with more than 5 tags (i.e. a map submitted under the old system) without also cutting down the number of tags to 5.

List of NUMA tags Edit

  • title:maptitle
    • User-specified, though "title:" is added in front of the title text.
    • Title tags are the only tags that can contain spaces.
    • Title tags are currently not searchable on NUMA, but Arachnid is working on restoring that functionality.
  • author:username
    • Created automatically upon submission.
    • Because usernames may not contain spaces, author tags cannot contain spaces.
  • unrated/rated
    • Created and updated automatically.
    • If a map has received less than 5 votes, it is labeled as "unrated" and its rating is not publicly visible. If a map has 5 or more votes, it is labeled as "rated" and its rating is publicly visible.
  • favorites:username
    • Created automatically when a user favorites the map.
    • Tags of this type are not visible, but they are searchable.
  • featured
    • This tag can only be added by a reviewer.
    • The tag will not be displayed until the map is "featured" on NUMA's home page.
  • bitesized
    • The Bitesized system was the predecessor of the Featured Maps system. Though bitesized tags are no longer given out, all bitesized tags that were previously given out still remain.
  • User-defined tags, which can be anything but commonly include:

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