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MyCheezKilledYours, also known as cheez, MCKY, and more recently DrDoom, is a mapmaker and casual speedrunner lying dormant in the Metanet community. He had over 400 maps submitted to NUMA, with nearly all maps currently delisted from the archives. 


He actively speedran on NUMA maps, and as of 27 December 2012, has five *s, 57 0ths, and 103 top-20 runs. He less commonly speedran on Metanet levels, with a grand total of two top-20 runs on 18-3 and 56-3.

For a period spanning much of 2010, cheez actively submitted speedrun scores on NUMA maps under the alias "deton8ted", with six *s, 106 0ths, and 282 top-20 runs. He no longer speedruns under this name.


Cheez was a regular mapper, having accumulated over 400 maps in his map archive. He was often seen collaborating with a breadth of other mappers, including furry_antChrisE, and lsudny, among many others. He has four featured maps as of 24 September 2012, although all four are currently delisted from the archives.

He was a part of the Memoir of the Ancients project, submitting close to a hundred maps, with ten of them being accepted. Several of his rejected maps were found under the moa-reject tag on NUMA.


Cheez frequented the Metanet IRC server, often being found in #n, #n-mapping, #music, #pony, #nethack, and #botplayground, using the nick "cheez" or "DrDoom". He has stated that although he does not identify as a "brony", there are some cool people in #pony. His bot, Dogbear, could often be found in the same channels that he was in, spurting either nonsense or comical gold.

Cheez can also be found on the forums , although he is not quite as active of a poster as he used to be. He has 615 posts as of 27 December 2012.


MCKY went crazy and delisted all of his maps! Fortunately, some of his maps were recovered.

So far: 1 map recovered by zoasBE, 3 maps recovered by macrohenry, and 26 maps recovered by Pixelwiz.

More information at

Miscellaneous Edit

This guy is kind of an idiot and likely "went crazy" due to other events unrelated to NUMA.

Perhaps he will return someday. He's in your area.

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