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At the beginning of the lair, the thwump to the to right begins to charge toward you. Run downstairs, but avoid the crosshair going upstairs. Jump over the the crosshair, but avoid the mines, two zap drones and a gauss turret in the first part of the course. The thwump crashes to the surface where the ninja was at when he started, then retreats. Walljump up to the place where the thwump was at, get the switch, and quickly slide down the wall before you get squished between the thwump and wall like jelly on a sandwich. When sliding down, the gauss turret, the crosshair and one of the zap drones attack. Go through the now open door, which you opened. This takes the ninja to the second part of the level, which has a third zap drone, a Chaingun drone drone, and a homing turret. The zap drone is at the course's bottom left, so never mind about it. The thwump is back at its place. Get the doorswitch within avoiding the chaingun drone's attack and the rocket. Run to the left, and avoid the attacks again. Jump up the blocks. On the final block is the door. Jump to that block to end the mission. Now your ready For Laser Thwumps!

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