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The correct title of this article is moshpit2010. The initial letter is shown capitalized due to technical restrictions.

moshpit2010, as the name implies, is a proverbial pit of different mapping styles. He's made at least one of every type of map, whether or not they're still around to this day.

He pioneered "Door-Jumper" maps, which use trapdoor cubes in the place of mines to create a new breed of minejumper. He also revolutionized "Cutout Repitition" maps, which use a single tile piece repeated over the play area to create a flowy and challenging form of game play. He has over 200 maps on Numa

Mosh, soon after his "one-year mark" with the Forums, started a webcomic entitled tSidestreet 210. This webcomic on the forums, with dozens of episodes, has been critically acclaimed by innumerable members. It is a constant Dronies candidate submission, and it's also received a pin by moderator blue_tetris.

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