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mohamedraif (often referred to as moh or raif on the IRC and forums) is a highscorer/speedrunner and occasional mapper. He is best known in the Metanet community for his MBDs (Manually Built Demos). These demos generally display speed, innovations, precision, and consistency of tricks that are nearly impossible for any human to replicate. According to some prominent community members, they are the best thing ever happened in the whole history of N. You should definitely watch all of them, they can be found on the forums.

He has several accounts such as mohamedraif and mohamedraif2. He uses them for lowscoring competitions on some maps (usually Blur ones).

Highscoring Edit

Although much of his time on N is dedicated to MDBing, mohamedraif does have some highscore 0ths which are listed below. Additionally, mohamedraif currently holds the speedrun 0th on 78-1 and 06-4 among others. His 0th on 05-2 is likely the max for that level seeing as he failed to improve on this run using FBF. As of 27 February 2012, he also has more than 600,000 deaths.

​List of 0th scores for Raif as of 15 November 2012:

05-2 -  82.925
16-1 -  93.275
25-2 -  82.000
29-0 - 154.025
30-2 - 108.625
61-3 - 168.650
63-4 - 111.175
80-3 - 127.550
91-0 - 113.850
92-2 - 118.025

Total: 10 0th scores

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