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"Project" MetaNovel is an upcoming book written by members of the Metanet community, The idea was started on March 14 2009. The book features members of the community which is based around the n game.

Authors and RolesEdit

Rikaninja - Team Leader / Writer

Universezero - Technical Manager / Writer

aperture - Editor In Chief / Writer


Kablamo Boom, gloomp, 29403, Weisslenny0, Laurie, Be_Nspired, spoon, EdoI, capt_weasle, Donfuy, Communist, incluye, Destiny and BionicCryonic.

Possible Contibutors:

Obylisk and maestro.

Sign Up Edit

Just about every user in this community should have read a book and enjoyed it. Many of you would have had to write essays and stories. Projects and assignments. Well now it's your time to shine!

I've had the idea what with all these talented members here on the forums why not write a book! Writing a electronic novel to show off, boast about and be proud with.

Why not? What's there to lose? Before I get into details I was hoping for some ideas and criticism from you experienced member out there. Will this even work? I think even with a dozen people this project will be fun. But what do you think? Does our community have the zing and jist to write a novel?

If you feel like you would like to be part of this, you can! Sign ups are available on the Metanet Forums at this link [1]

Book Edit

Title:___(Name) Characters:___(Descriptions) Problem:___(What goes wrong) Length:___(How big is the novel on a scale from 1-10) Location:___(Where) Tense and Time:___(When does the story take place and what tense will it be written in) Writing Style:___(Horror, comedy, fiction etc.) Pictures:___(Will there be photos inserted)

Ideas Edit

This is mostly up in the air at the moment, but the group are leaning towards a fictional re-telling of some aspect of the community.

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