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Lord of Destiny (aka LoD on the Metanet Forums) is a member of the wide community of N. He does not hold any highscores and is not a good mapmaker, but he's well-known for his programs inspired by N.

Lord of Destiny is also one of the sysops of this wiki. He integrated the Babel system and created the first categories and portals.

Programs Edit

The programs have all been written for Windows XP and can be downloaded at Lord of Destiny's homepage.

N Art Maker Edit

The N Art Maker is an application which converts a picture to an N map by replacing the pixels with objects like gold, mines, or zap drones. The current version v1.1 allows brightness adjustments and can create colored N Art Maker maps (also called NAM arts) by combining gold, mines, and zap drones.

At now, maps created with NAM are spamming NUMA. Arachnid is currently working on a system to recognize and mark NAM arts.

N Map Archiver Edit

The N Map Archiver can read userlevels files and operate with the maps included in them (view, edit, remove, add). One archive (for example the Favorites files put out by NUMA) can be integrated into another (for instance the standard Userlevels file which comes with N).

Current projects Edit

Ned++ Edit

Ned++ should be an alternative to those who can't handle Ned, or who's PC is too slow. It develops very slow. The current test version is 0.20 and contains only tile setting.

External links Edit

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