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Last_FairyTail or LFT is a pseudonym for a player whose true identity was revealed by TRO to actually be xaelar.

LFT's first strikes were in mid-January 2011, when the mysterious "new" highscorer took 00-0 and 01-1. After this, LFT took some more 0ths; eventually reaching double digits. These 0ths were noted for being extremely clean and precise. They were also submitted legitimately using NReality. These two facts combined, caused the community to suspect it was an experienced highscorer using a second account. Based on the playing style, some players, such as ska and Eddy, guessed it was probably xaelar, and most people hesitated between xaelar and vankusss. Over time, some of his 0ths were taken, and as of 17 November 2012, only 4 of them remain.

One theory about the player's true identity surged throughout the community when his name was scrutinised more carefully. The fact that the player was called "Last_FairyTail" was perceived to be a clue. The name was considered to be a pun off "Last Fairy Tale", which could perhaps mean, the end of a beautiful era. This made the community suspect that it was xaelar even more.

After more than 4 months without xaelar appearing, Unreality decided to solve the mystery once and for all. When Eddy passed xaelar on the 0th Rankings, he said: 'xaelar still has more 0ths than Eddy', in this post. Most people already thought it was xaelar, but this made it obvious.

On the following rankings, TheRealOne, who also had access to LFT's IP address because of shared control of the NReality servers with Unreality, officially admitted it was xaelar.

As of 21 November 2014, xaelar holds only 1 0th score under the LFT alias. (44-1)

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