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The correct title of this article is kirby. The initial letter is shown capitalized due to technical restrictions.

kirby is a dormant (but sometimes submits maps occasionally) mapmaker and now goes by the name of kirbs on NUMA. His NUMA name used to be kirby777, but he asked arachnid to change it to kirbs, which he did.

He is also a webcomic maker on the Metanet Forums. His webcomic goes by the title Ninja Revolutions. Although not as popular as blue_tetris's webcomic, there are still a lot of fans who enjoy it.

PERSONAL UPDATE 26/04/08 12.22AM: My name on the forums is no longer 'kirby', but is in fact 'Levinous'. I have left MetaNet. On occasion I visit to check the Ninja Revolutions topic for comments or upload another comic that I have made. The only times you will see my posts is if someone from #Doomsday has linked me to a topic where I feel like posting, if you're reading an old topic that I happened to have posted in or if I update/have something to say in the Ninja Revolutions topic.

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