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InuyashaDuelist has been a member of the N Community since May 8th, 2005. He was referred by Keron Cyst on the Stick Soldiers Forums. He has been playing N since early March, and yet still hasn't beaten half of the episodes.

InuyashaDuelist has, over his time on the forums, undergone on and off sessions. During the summer after his registration, he went on a 2 1/2 month vacation to Greece. After his return, he tok a slight month vacation from the forums. After that, he returned to the forums. However, only until early January. Soon after, he faded away slowly, while newer members took his place. He returned to the forum again on March 4th, and is still currently here. Hopefully, he won't be leaving again anytime soon.

InuyashaDuelist's N_IRC life has been less than noticeable. He's been on the IRC much more than many other members, but can't claim that he's a regular visitor. His IRC visits began sometime in early September, when he just began tampering in IRC. He was a regular there until late October, when he just disappeared. No one made mention of him again until his next return in December. That return, however, came to a short halt as InuyashaDuelist began a project with community members: ShadowWolf, GamingWolf, maximo, Niccus, and spondoogie.

This project was to be an Independant Gaming company devoted to only fun and highly addictive games. The lead programmers for this project were spondoogie (taking the name of yarg) and ShadowWolf. The company was to be called Intellitronics, whose public forum banner can be found in the Advertisement section of the forums. The actual forum can be found Here.

InuyashaDuelist has also been a member of NUMA since his N roots. He has subitted 15 total maps to NUMA, 11 of which were actual maps. InuyashaDuelist's first maps were taken from tilesets made by other members, labeling him as a Tileset Master. That label, however, has been generally put down as InuyashaDuelist released two new maps labeled Football Strings and Ride on Shooting Star, which he created by himself, with no tileset used.

InuyashaDuelist's map Football Strings got an immense amount of attention by his fellow classmates, leading into a competition in which InuyashaDuelist was 3rd to beat it (following 2 of the best N players in the class).

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