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Holy Grail was a highscoring competition hosted by ska in 2011. The forum thread can be found here. The premise of the contest was simple: complete the map and submit your run to NReality. For merely completing the map and submitting the demo, a player received 2 points. If a player also got the 0th on the map, they received a third "bonus point" and were given the opportunity to select the map for the next round. The catch was that the maps selected were generally very difficult to complete, with the idea of catering to players who were completitionists rather than just all-out speedrunners. Aerodymanic won the competition with a total of 19 points. The full and final ranking was as follows:

19 aerodynamic 
15 loudog004 
15 golfkid 
11 vankusss 
13 999_Springs 
8 Apakenua 
7 EddyMataGallos 
6 atomizer 
4 ToeFaceKiller 
4 innuendonewb 
2 Meta_ing 
2 Aidiera 

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