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Hajtun joined NUMA in late 2008 with his map The Prison. Hajtun was well recieved into NUMA, with most users enojoying his first map. Hajtun continued to post roughly 30 high-quality maps until July, 2009. Then, he started posting very low-quality maps with strange names that were completely spammed with useless items and tiles. Hajtun is guilty of voting abuse, specifically sniping many users such as Mahi Mahi and ChrisE. Hajtun also began posting rude and obscene comments on many user's maps. Strangely enough, Hajtun has one featured map, Voices It has been speculated that Hajtun's account may have been hacked by another user, or that Hajtun has been a multi-accounter all along.

~Edit: Hajtun: Ya im koo like dat

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