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Evil_Sire was a self-styled martyr with a superiority complex and an obsessive need for attention. This resulted in many "look at me" threads that would detail his innocence in some infraction, usually multi-accounting, but occasionally spamming, flaming or trolling. He has a confrontational personality, frequently and ironically condemning members newer than him for the same infractions he has been guilty of.

He was also very active on NUMA, having made 50+ maps [1] during his brief stay.

He was first brought to the attention of forum-goers when he was involved in a multi-accounting scandal. He had previously created a second account, godenAtor, with which he wrote reviews on NUMA. His deception was uncovered when he inadvertently posted as Evil_Sire talking as though he was godenAtor. After a minor discussion that involved multiple warnings from admins and moderators, he was banned from NUMA temporarily and his account godenAtor was suspended.

It should be noted that every time Evil_Sire has been caught on an infraction, be it a major one (multi-accounting) or minor (trolling), he has always reacted in the most aggressive manner possible, mainly by flaming, trolling, and defacing opposing members. He also protests his innocence until the amount of evidence against him is so colossal that he has no choice but to admit he was wrong, at which point he insists he has "changed" and that it "won't happen again".

This was most apparent when another, more senior member, JetPack, was caught multi-accounting. JetPack, who had merely wished to see how long it would take for people to catch on, admitted he had been caught and accepted the consequences fully, asking that his old account be disabled and apologising for any inconvenience. Because of his positive and forthcoming attitude, he avoided any penalties. Evil_Sire protested this openly, claiming that JetPack should have received the same consequences that he had suffered. When it was pointed out that JetPack had freely admitted to the offense and apologised whereas Evil_Sire has denied the offenses and attacked any opposition relentlessly, he claimed that he had "given himself up." Any attempt to dissuade this obvious falsehood were met with spamming and trolling.


The above have all proved that Evil_Sire is a very untrustworthy person. It is vital that, for your own sake, you don't believe anything he says, as it is most likely a falsehood. Consult another source before accepting his turn of events. If no other source can be found, believe the opposite of what he says.

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