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Eiturlyf, previously known as Mazemaker on the forums, is a popular maker of tilesets, having created a very popular thread, in which he offered to make a tileset with the name of the requester on it. Through this, Eiturlyf has shown his value to the Metanet community, and is now quite well known, despite having a name change. At times Eiturlyf goes on angry rants showing his frustration, mostly at topics that AMomentLikeThis starts in the NUMA Discussion thread.

He's a dedicated poster. He used to have a very long profile on NUMA, rivaling the length of Mekkah's profile. He has made ~160 maps on NUMA, with 114 rated - the majority having a rating of 4 ninjas. Almost ever single one of those is a tileset. So far, OutrightOJ has commented on nearly every one of those.

Coincidentally, he joined the forums on March 21, 2008, the same day as the beginning of spring.

Eiturlyf often posted in the messageboard games section, even taking up an entire page of "Last post by:". He currently has about 1800 posts in there and 500 normal posts.

His name is also incredibly hard to pronounce, but the accepted pronunciation is Eat-your-life, despite it actually being Eye-t-ur-lyf. While he doesn't particularly like this, it's "just the way the cookie crumbles".

He frequently goes on the IRC under the names "Eiturlyf", "Benjamin Linux", "Suspect" or "Democrat". Note that these are often related to certain members that are online that he likes/dislikes. He particularly dislikes runningninja.


In early 2009, Eiturlyf mysteriously stopped mapping and is now seen very rarely.

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