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The correct title of this article is doghouse. The initial letter is shown capitalized due to technical restrictions.

doghouse was a member of NUMA, though not a very pleasant one. He wrote strange and sometimes mean comments on other users' maps. Or sometimes, what he wrote was just immature nonsense, like "ndsnlfsflsfsdblbdbfri". He made mediocre maps and was never looked upon as a good member of NUMA. It seemed as though doghouse would have no future as a mapmaker, or just a normal member of NUMA.

But then, a while after his actions, doghouse started to shape up a bit. He began writing positive comments on users' maps. He began creating some really good maps, like unpredictable. He's not around much anymore, but when he does show up, it's always a pleasure.

Conversly: Some Say doghouse is a complete genius. That his comments where always spot on. A bright light in a sea of conformist attitudes and lazy, self-appreciating votes.

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