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Configure Menu Edit

The Configure Menu consists of many panels that control the game's preferences. Many of these only apply to version 1.4.

Panels Edit

Key Config Edit

The panel "key config" is located in the upper-right corner. It determines which keyboard buttons control the ninja's actions, including movement, pausing, and killing the ninja, as well as the "boss mode" button. Below is the volume control, a slider that can move from 0 to 100. The lowest button resets the buttons to their defaults.

Visual Quality Edit

This panel changes the visual quality between either "med" (Medium) or "high". It is located next to "key config", to the left.

Practice Mode Edit

This panel switches Practice Mode on or off. It is located below "visual quality".

Import Progress From v1.3 Edit

This button is located to the left of "practice mode". It allows the player to import any progress from the previous version into 1.4.

Online Highscore Submission Edit

This panel switches online highscoring on or off, as well as a login and account creation feature that applies to the highscores and NUMA. It is located below "key config". There are two buttons that apply to the account boxes: one creates the new user with the nickname used, the other logs in as that user (assuming that the username and password are correct).

Flavour Selection Edit

This panel allows the player to select the ninja's flavour, or color. It is located to the left of "online highscore submission".

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