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"You little weasle. You could be captain of them"

What people on IRC think of capt_weasle.

"You spelled 'weasel' wrong you idiot"

Feel the love.

Weasels Outside of the ForumEdit

Weasels are timid and will normally run from humans, however a cornered weasel will defend itself by shooting laser beams out of its eyes at you. If this tactic fails, some weasels will go "Pop", although since this typically results in the weasel's death it will only use this defence as a last resort. Spyrogyra employ a similar mechanism - if one views spyrogyra under a microscope and agitates the slide, they pop. However, there is little evidence that spyrogyra and weasels are related, except possibly through marriage.

Lieutenant WeasleEdit

"Crap, not another one."

No information on Lieutenant Wealse.

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