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On Friday, July 10, 2009, a major event took place on NUMA. A new user registered under the name Bumajan. Within 10 minutes, this new account submitted almost 650 of the same maps (one of which was the featured map at
Gloomp Image

Courtesy of gloomp

the time).
750 Maps

Lightning's Screenshot

Soon, the entire IRC community noticed and Sept came to the rescue by disabling the Bumajan account. While jokes were going on that the user would re-register and come as a different name, he did. The new user, Bumajani, continued the impressive map spam. In another 10 minutes, Bumajanisubmitted 750 maps. Amends to incluye, who first noticed the "Calc" in everymap and drew relations to Calcy. And of course, we must all thank Arachnid for restoring peace to NUMA by getting rid of all of the maps.

Courtesy of Leaff

Some controversy from this event grew around Sept. Rumors spread, claiming that Sept did a majority of the cleaning up, while Arachnid was actually doing the work.

Sept even stated himself, "You know, you guys are gonna feel bad once you find out it wasn't me, and that it was someone else who did all the magic."

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