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Aries Griff is the famed creator of the Aries' Easy Way thread. This thread has provided many young ninjas with the knowledge they needed to conquer some of the more difficult levels in N.

Aries is a very skilled player, having held many highscores. He left the Metanet Forums some time ago, with his official "Goodbye" post on May 10, 2006. Aries' Easy Way is still active, having being mainly taken over by scythe33, usaswim, Alphaniner and a few other members.

In the Aries' Easy Way thread, Aries had become somewhat famous for ending his posts with [/easyway]. Since Aries' departure from the forums, his signature has been changed to the following:

"Goodbye everybody.

One last piece of advice...

Aries's Easy Way Life

Fall in love. Do whatever it takes from there on out.

[/easy way]"

He was a very widely respected member of the forum, and many are still eagerly hoping he will return.

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