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Alphaniner is a member of the Metanet Forums, and a player of N.

About HimEdit

Alphaniner is a fairly obscure member of the forums. He has only made a few maps, none of which are of a very high popularity, although other users support that they are high-quality. He is currently working on his mapmaking skills. He used to play N very frequently, but since beating the game, has scaled back his playing time quite a bit. He currently does not have any highscores. He plays guitar and piano, and watches the show 24 religously.

Forum MemberEdit

Alphaniner spends most of his time on the forums helping less experienced players of N with the more difficult levels of the game. He posts quite frequently in Aries' Easy Way and the N Episode Help Thread. He also started The Complete Demos Project, with the heroic intent of making a demo of every single one of the 500 levels in N 1.4. This project is currently at about 27% completion.

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