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An all-gold demo (or AGD) is a demo of a map in which the ninja collects all possible gold in the level. When players create one of these demos, they often say that they "all-golded" a map or level. They can post these either on the Metanet Forums or on NUMA (even more so on NUMA).

Creating an all-gold demo is sometimes quite challenging and sometimes impossible, depending on the difficulty of the map or level they are playing and the position of the gold itself. For example, all-golding 91-4: Blastphemy can be a real challenge for a lot of players; although highscorers constantly manage to accomplish this feat. All golding a map is not always beneficial; this is usually because it's not worth the 2 seconds it takes to obtain a piece or they are going purely for speed as in speedrun mode.


  • 91-4: Blastphemy

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