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Episode 85
Creator MacrossDreams
N version 1.4 and later
Fastest Time
Fastest Player
Demo 85-0/Demo


Method 1

Go to the right, where there are overhanging ledges. Start to jump up them. This is a slightly difficult manuver. It requires you to hit jump and press away from the wall at the same time, then quickly hold the arrow toward the wall to bring you back to the next ledge. It requires some practice, but is fairly easy to master. Hop up until you get to the first place where you can stand. Take a big jump (be sure not to hit the ceiling), hit the switch, and as you fall, you must avoid the mines above the door, and land on that 45-degree slope to the left of the exit in order to break your fall. If you land safely, simply jump up to the door.


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