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The Mooney Suzuki


Episode 84
Creator chimmneysweep
N version 1.4
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Method 1

Thwump Mania! This level has many different paths, but one I find easiest I will share now. Run to the right. Jump the floorguard. Wall climb the right side. There is a leftward-facing thwump near the top of the level, about halfway between the right wall and the floating structure. That is your target. There are two downward facing thwumps (circled in green) near the floating structure. When both of them are back in their original position, jump to the target thwump. Land on its upper side, and run along it. Now you need to make a low, sharp, quick jump. You will land on the edge of the big floating structure if you have done the jump right. Collect the switch and all the gold. Go back to the edge and prepare yourself. The two downward facing thwumps should be nearing the top of the level now. Jump to them. From there, jump to the right wall, or if you're not feeling confident, the "Target Thwump" from earlier. Then jump to the right wall. Just fall down that wall to the exit. Make sure you don't fall and die on the bottom-most thwump.

Mooney Help

Follow the red path, then the blue path. When you reach the red circle, wait there until the two thwumps circled in green are back in their original position.

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