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Walkthroughs Edit

around the world in 80 ways


Episode 73
Creator Metanet
N version 1.4 and later
Fastest Time
Fastest Player
Demo 73-0/Demo

Method 1 (Speed) Edit

From where you are, simply run right, hit the terminal and reach the exit.

Method 2 (Gold) Edit

Jump over the mines on your right, hit the terminal, then go back over the mines and run to the left, try to collect as much gold as you can, avoiding the gauss turrets. Suddenly changing directions while you're avoiding the gauss turret isn't really a good idea; they tend to shoot a little bit in front of you or behind you. While on a bounce block, keep pressing the left and right arrow keys repeatedly so as to make the bounce block dip so the turrets will just miss your head. Keep collecting the gold, and reach the exit.

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