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Episode 72
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.4 and later
Demo 72-3/Demo


Method 1Edit

Not too harder level here, just got to be fast and get rid of the rockets.

NOTE: This way is by NO MEANS the fastest method, but it will get you to level 4 with enough time to complete the episode.

When you land on the first slope, jump off it and on to the big gap between bombs on ur right. Slowly slide to the lower part of this and jump to the left side, clinging to this wall as well. From here you can drop straight to the bottom or to the big gape between bombs on ur right. Once at the bottom start wall jumping up. If/when a drone comes at you, switch to the other side just before they get you. Continue wall jumping up. Avoid any drones if necessary at the top. Drop down while getting the 1st lock (grey) switch on the left. As you land run off one triangular slope to the other, while getting the exit switch and then running up the other jump out to the wall and wall jump between the sides. You might a rocket on ur tail at this point. When you get to the top the easiest way to lose the rocket is just to jump up so the rocket crashes into the wall. Move to the top of the left triangle and jump down while getting the 2nd lock (grey) switch and landing on the right triangle. Run down quickly from here, avoiding any final drones and collecting all coins on your way to the exit.

NOTE: If after you had jumped down from the right hand bottom triangle and still had a rocket on your tail then try to get rid of it by either losing it in the coin tunnel near the exit, or on the ground before you go in.

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