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stalag tight

stalag tight

Episode 59
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
Fastest Time
Fastest Player
Demo 59-3/Demo


Method 1 (Easy)

Flat as possible route:

This is for you guys who can't balance on the top of a spike!

  1. Jump up and slightly to the right and wallplant off the 2w tile to catch your first switch and land on the 2s tile over to the left
  2. Trying to conserve your momentum, jump across to the other 2s tile right at the left of the map and stop there.
  3. Hop up onto the side and wallplant up over the mine, then wallplant to the right and land on the 2a tile, hitting the door key (this can be done in one jump, but that's harder).
  4. Tilt over the edge and walljump over to the 2s tile (you might land on the side, just climb up)
  5. Let yourself fall onto the 2a tile to the right and then jump to get the switch, landing on the starting 2s tile.
  6. Getting as much run-up as possible, jump to the right, sail over a 2s tile to land on another one.
  7. Tilt over the edge, but jump while you're tilting, snatch the last switch and walljump back to that tile from the side of the 2q tile.
  8. Jump onto the right wall, wallplant onto the 2s tile you sailed over earlier.
  9. Climb up onto the 2a tile above and left of you, then jump to the other 2a tile to your right.
  10. Finally, spring up onto the edge of the 2w tile and wallplant to the exit-ledge!


Method 2 (Highscore)

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