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Episode 56
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 56-1/Demo


Method 1

It is important in this level to not place yourself in a position that will render you incapable of escaping an oncoming zap drone. That being said, there are many routes you can take; experiment to see which works for you. Getting the exit switch can be the hardest part of the level, and so it shall be detailed here. Once you have gotten to the top part of the level, run to the left and triple jump off of the wall. You are trying to fit in the gap between the topmost thwump on the left side and the icicle-shaped tile above it. If you do this, you can immediately jump off that thwump upward to the exit switch. For a demo on how to do this watch the highscores for this level. Afterward, just drop down the middle, breaking your fall by hitting the corners of the tiles in the middle. Make your way to the exit.

Method 2


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