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for the love of gold

for the love of gold

Episode 55
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 55-4/Demo


Method 1 (Easy)

While doing this guide, mind the drones. These first few jumps shouldn't be a problem. Just do some hops and big jumps skipping the e tiles shouldn't be hard as well. Just do some hops and if you want the gold at the top you can get it. Now, the next jumps might be challenging. Just time it very well and be slow. If you don't want to do the hops, you can just fall right between 2 mines and make sure you land safely! If your wallsliding, do a small walljump to the next safe spot. Now just fall down from here, dodge the rocket, jump over the floor gaurd, get the gold if you want and then just jump up and win!

Method 2


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