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Episode 52
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
Fastest Time
Fastest Player
Demo 52-2/Demo


Method 1 NEHS

From your start, drop down the bounceblock complex, get some gold, and land on the bottom. Jump over the floorchasers, and chase one of them to the left and jump over it to get into the left complex. The two complexes are the real hard parts of the level. Get through the bounceblock wall by walljumping into a block to make it go right, then walljump off it to go up. For the next wall, launch yourself with the launchpad, then wallslide and land on the launchpad above. Move left as you move through the air, and you should have enough velocity to puncture the wall and get through. Jump onto the ledge wall and wallclimb to avoid the gauss turret. Activate the terminal, then jump off the ledge to land on the wall and run through. Drop through the wall, and jump in front of and over the floorchaser. Run to the middle, jump over the other chaser, chase the chaser into the right complex, and get through the wall, completing this side in the same fashion as the other one, exiting the level.

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