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Episode 51
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
Fastest Time
Fastest Player
Demo 51-0/Demo

Walkthroughs (All NEHS)

This level has multiple paths to finish the level. Of course, each one has risk/reward benefits. Most people would strive to get the gold.

Method 1 (To easily finish the level)

Simply run to the right, activate the terminal, and get to the exit. No risk, but no reward either.

Method 2 (Some gold)

Move to the left, and jump up into the gauss turret complex. Walljump and jump up to the second level using the platforms in the middle to escape the gauss turret. Jump from platform to platform to get gold, activate the terminal, then jump and get the gold above the exit, and slide down to the exit. Some risk, some reward.

Method 3 (Highscore)

Go into the gauss turret complex again, but this time, get all the way to the top. Jump onto the first platform, then leap to the second, drop down to the third, then jump to the fourth, and get the gold above the third exit. Then drop down from the third platform to the second row, and get all the gold down there, activate the terminal, and get to the exit. A lot of risk, but a real lot of reward.

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