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This level has a good amount of gold to collect, but in order to obtain all of the gold, you will need to hone in your wall jumping skills as well as being careful to avoid the floor guard 'snookering' or trapping you into undeath. In terms of highscoring, Mr_Lim was once locked in a 3 way tie with a score of 119.425 with xaelar and macrohenry until late 2010 when vankusss discovered an elaborate innovation to snatch the 0th by 3.375 seconds. ska has since taken the 0th with a score of 122.825 and xaelar has tied him. According to mohamedraif, (who made a test run by means of a MBD); he found that there is one more frame to be saved by jumping along the corridor at the end but requires a considerable deal of luck to pull off in real time.

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