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Episode 45
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
Fastest Time
Fastest Player
Demo 45-0/Demo


Method 1

Jump left and up the slope. Jump around the corner, and use the ceiling to "float" back down to the slant. Run right, and jump up to where the door is. Collect the switches up here, while shaking the rocket.

Jump back to the slope, and head right. Jump to the column of gold. Fall down and you will hit the slope, then drop into the other gold. Shake the rocket down here, and enter the next area.

Run to the first bit of slant, and perform a perpindicular jump. Go as high as you can, and to the right. Jump of this little slant on the wall, and aim for a gap in the mines. Jump up the slant to the next section, aiming for another gap in the mines. Jump down and get the switch. Not much I can do for you here. Just get in and out fast. As you jump back down, aim for the first gap in the mines, and take the whole slope in one jump. Run back out to the launchpad. Jump off of it, and return to your original staring point. Simply repeat the first few steps to get you back to the door. Level over. You win.


Red>Blue>Green>Pink>Red>Blue When you're first jumping up the slanted path with mines, do a perpindicular jump

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