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Episode 42
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Method 1

Level Grinder Method

I and a co-worker on our lunch have been grinding through all the levels. This is not intended to get you amazing high scores, fast times, or perfect runs. Its just trying to survive the level.

To start follow blue, go right and begin to slide the curve. Jump off at the 45 angle which will allow you to clear out over to the block without hitting the ceiling. Continue right and activate the console. Drop down the jump right for some gold. If you want you can drop down and get those 10 golds but to get them in 1 shot can get you close to the floorchaser. If you dont want to bother just skip over that and get the access panel. Jump to the block on your immediate left then wall jump to the top along the green path. Repeat again on the next left block. Time and jump to the first block you jumped on and then scramble for the exit.


Method 2


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