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Episode 41
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Demo 41-4/Demo


Method 1

Level Grinder Method

I and a co-worker on our lunch have been grinding through all the levels. This is not intended to get you amazing high scores, fast times, or perfect runs. Its just trying to survive the level.

Homing Turrets. I hate those guys. Thankfully you can get back at him by making the missile chase you around and you even get to spit in its eye.

You will need some speed to accent the wall without the missile catching you so run out a bit and then double back. The Homing turret will launch the instant the level starts so stopping is not an option. Once you have your speed built hit the wall and start scaling. Once you are up past the panel on the left you should be able to jump to the one-ways with the console.

Grab the console then drop (jumping may be hazardous here due to the distance falling) and feel free to pass through the homing turret to add a little insult to injury. Grab the panel below then run for the exit. NOTE: running TO fast here may result in you not falling between the cracks and giving the missile a window of opportunity to ruin your day. If your speed is right you will slip though leaving a sprint to the exit. Congratulations you just survived episode 41.


Method 2


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