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Episode 41
Creator Metanet Software
N version 1.3 and later
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Method 1

Level Grinder Method

I and a co-worker on our lunch have been grinding through all the levels. This is not intended to get you amazing high scores, fast times, or perfect runs. Its just trying to survive the level.

This path will ensure that your ninja stand alive at the exit. Simply horizontal jump to the middle block of the second row. Watch your angle and speed as wall jumping back into position is out with those mines. Jump up and out just a little to clear the mine and then angle back into the lower middle block. Repeat the up-out-down maneuver to get to the exit. If you miss the switch on the way down from the top block just jump to activate and you are free.


Method 2

Level Grinder 'Fall-Win-Die' Method

This is the method I, tecker, personally like. It is brutally fast (pun intended) and you may even come out ahead in the timer. This uses what I and my coworker call our Fall-Win-Die method for finishing a level. You exploit the fact simply touching the door completes the level regardless if you survive the landing at the exit. To do this, maneuver to the block directly below where you start from then make for the exit on the next jump.

Start by jumping out then maneuvering back into the first block middle row avoiding the mine. Then jump out and adjust your angle to where you miss the mine on the lower middle block but touch the console and touch the door. Your best bet is to jump out and adjust long (by pushing right) enough to catch the console then mash back short (push left) so that you clip the exit. Your legs give out on impact and you crumple like a rag doll but you are now on to level 41-3.


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