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20 Ton ChallengeEdit

20 Ton Challenge was a contest on Numa hosted by SeventhSpirit, now currently called Sunset. The contest was held for two rounds in December of 2009.

Contest DescriptionEdit

The point of 20 ton challenge was to make a map that consisted of only 20 objects and 20 tiles (excluding blank squares). The contest was well received with many of Numa's members contributing into round one, and those that qualified into round two. Some members, mainly the qualifiers that made a map above the rest of round two thought that the contest would extend into a third round, in order to have a single winner (see below).

The contest was started on SeventhSpirit's map 20 Ton Challenge, an example of what contestants were supposed to submit for the contest, as well as the location to link the host to their submission for any round and the place to get valuable information as to who succedded into the next round. Difficulties of the contest lie on Numa's inability to notify players at a quick rate, via email or other form, and instead had to be informed one at a time through the comments section of maps. Despite being a Numa contest though, it was well received with over 30 entrys for round one.


  1. AMomentLikeThis rd 1 - You're the direction I follow to get home. rd 2 - No, no, no, you know it will always just be me.
  2. boonie92 rd 1 - SUB 20 rd 2 - it takes 20.
  3. _destiny^- rd 1 - Crisp Morning Air rd 2 - Room to Breath

AMomentLikeThis, boonie92, and _destiny^- were judged as the winners (by SeventhSpirit) instead of heading to a third round where the three would compete for gold. However, probably due to Numa's inefficiency to run a contest compared to other sites, the contest discontinued after the two rounds. This did not deter mapping though, and _destiny^- made a third round map in anticipation, titled Azure Ascendant, while several people that were just hearing about the contest thought that it would be ok to join late.

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